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Please note that Hair Perfection London does not offer refunds or exchanges, this is because all our units are custom made and from the time of order your unit begins processing.


Bespoke items will only be partially refunded (depending on the circumstance) if faulty, otherwise, no refunds will be given.


In the unlikely case that you do receive a unit/product with a fault please contact our Customer Care Team and we will be happy to arrange a repair. 

(Please do not send any units to us prior to contacting Customer Care)


Contact Customer Care on:

Email -


If you’re sending a unit back for a repair please do not alter the product in any way. The unit must be in its original state so we can investigate the fault and repair it.


Please note if the returned unit has been altered in any way i.e. knots have been bleached, hair trimmed, or coloured e.t.c Hair perfection London will reject the unit and sent it back to you as it has been tampered with. We cannot take responsibility for any damage caused to the unit if the unit has been altered.


To report a faulty unit you must comply with the following conditions; 


You must contact Hair Perfection London’s customer care team within 7 days of receiving the product. 


The unit must be in original condition, unworn, uncut or altered in any way. We cannot accept returned units that have had the lace cut or been worn/installed. Please take care when trying on the unit and do not cut the lace. Photograph evidence of the unit is in original condition will be required before a return for a repair is permitted, failure to comply with this will result in the unit being rejected. 


Units sent back for repairs that do not meet our policy will not be accepted and will be sent back to the customer. 


Please ensure you provide us with accurate head measurements:

Our measurements are in inches it is essential that you measure your head accurately prior to ordering your unit, if you have any difficulties please contact us for guidance and assistance. 

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